Sunday - Life Nights

Life Nights (Youth Group) follow the Life Teen Mass every Sunday night and provide an opportunity for teens to go deeper in their faith, share their faith with their peers through witness talks and interactive discussion and learn more about issues facing teens today and how to deal with them. These nights are presented by our Core team made up of adults from the parish under the direction of our Youth Minister, Kelly Colangelo.

Topics To Look Forward to in 2023-2024

Marian Apparitions
Throughout modern history, Mary has appeared to various people from different cultures, and the Church performs a rigorous, scientific study before declaring the authenticity of a Marian apparition. Mary respects the witnesses of her visits by presenting herself accessibly and using their native language to communicate a special message. In this way, each Marian apparition is like a self-portrait of Mary.

True Presence
The focus of our Catholic faith is the Eucharist. We will encourage all young people to embrace the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist — Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity — and to reveal God’s enduring presence in the Catholic Church.

The Essence of the Gospels
Sacred Scripture does not give only one perspective of Jesus. Instead, we are given four distinct Gospels of Jesus Christ through the infinite wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Each Gospel has its own tone, message, and targeted audience. When we consider each of the four Gospel’s context and messaging, we can grasp and fully understand who Jesus is. He is the God-man who established His Kingdom on earth, a powerful miracle worker, and a compassionate lover of the sick and oppressed, whose very presence is found in the sacraments of the Church.