Sunday - Life Nights

Life Nights (Youth Group) follow the Life Teen Mass every Sunday night and provide an opportunity for teens to go deeper in their faith, share their faith with their peers through witness talks and interactive discussion and learn more about issues facing teens today and how to deal with them. These nights are presented by our Core team made up of adults from the parish under the direction of our Youth Minister, Kelly Colangelo.


Life Teen Fall & Winter Calendar

September 11 - Kick Off
September 18 - Life Teen Olympics (Game & Community Night)
September 25 - XLT
October 2 - Blind: The Conversion of St. Paul (from Life Teen Series, “Foremost”)
October 9 - Zealous: Saint Paul's Journeys (from Life Teen Series, “Foremost”)
October 16 - Fearless: Saint Paul's Sufferings, Imprisonment, and Death (from Life Teen Series, “Foremost”)
October 23 - Inspired: The Enduring Wisdom of St. Paul (from Life Teen Series, “Foremost”)
October 30 - Halloween Party 
Nov. 6 - Chain Reaction Part 1
Nov. 13 - Chain Reaction Part 2
Nov. 20 - Chain Reaction Part 3
Nov. 27 - LT Karaoke 
Dec. 6 - Advent XLT 
Dec. 13 - Christmas Tacky Sweater Party

Foremost Series: When God became man, He chose to live the life of a humble, poor carpenter over that of a powerful ruler. When He began His ministry, Jesus chose twelve mostly uneducated men from humble backgrounds to be his first disciples. He chose from tax collectors, fishermen, and zealots. God seems to like rooting for the underdog. This is particularly true of St. Paul. Despite the fact that he started out as an enemy and persecutor of Christians, God chose him. As a result, St. Paul became one of the most influential figures and one of the greatest missionaries in Church history. The goal of The Foremost is for teens to gain a general understanding of St. Paul and his mission so they might be positively influenced by his fearless and zealous example.

Chain Reaction Series: The modern world has a weird relationship with perfection. With the rise of social media, we strive to constantly post perfectly curated images and impeccably funny videos. As friends and influencers overwhelm our feeds with beautiful and creative content, we often forget that the images people project — both online and in real life — are not as perfect as they seem. At the same time, we can turn on the news and instantly learn about horrible tragedies happening across the globe. Newscasters are, at all hours of the day, warning us about dangers and disasters, constantly reminding us that our world is far from perfect. However, it has not always been like this. God did not create our world to be a place full of suffering. While we may never be perfect in this life, God offers us His mercy, helping us to grow in a goodness that is far deeper and more meaningful than the fake air of perfection so many flaunt online.

The goal of “Chain Reaction” is for teens to understand that God wants the world to know that His mercy is greater than our sins so that we will call upon Him with trust, receive His mercy, and let it flow through us to others through the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.