New at Good Shepherd!

A prayer program to increase the awareness for vocations

Now more than ever, the Church is in need of young men and women eager to commit their lives to serving Her in a very sacrificial way through the priesthood, the consecrated life and marriage. This cannot be accomplished without prayer!

The Visiting with Vocations program is designed to serve as a means for your family to participate in regular prayerful discussions about the priesthood, the consecrated life and marriage. Each week, participants will have a carrying case that includes chalice, rosary and wedding band. They reserve these items at a central location in their house and read reflections and say prayers based on vocations. If you are interested in signing up for a week, please email Kelly -

What does this look like?
You and your family will sign up at the below link. After you sign up, we will contact you to coordinate picking up the vocation program that includes the daily prayers as well as our traveling crucifix, rosary and wedding band.


“Vocations are born in prayer and from prayer; and only through prayer can they persevere and bear fruit.”

-Pope Francis Regina Caeli Message 4/21/13